Bridge brewing

Since we opened in 2012, beer lovers in BC have discovered Bridge Brewing’s great tasting, high quality craft beer. Once upon a time we began as Vancouver’s first nano brewery – however, craft fans have voted with their mouths and we’ve been working hard to keep up while remaining focused on brewing our line of top shelf beers. We’ve built a new brewery, and added to our brewhouse capacity to keep up with the welcomed demand.

We purchase our top quality and fresh grains and hops in small quantities to ensure a constant product that meets our high standards. We are also good members of the community, striving to be a zero waste brewery. We can proudly claim to be 99% waste-free.


The staples - only better. Our year round beers are exactly what you'd expect to find but with a distinct Bridge Brewing twist on them.


BC’s first low calorie and low carb craft beer that does not compromise on taste or alcohol! at 5%, PrimeTime is soon to be occupying your fridges’ shelf space!


House-made tacos available daily with other bar snacks like pepperoni and house-made twisty breads available, too. Everything goes great with an ice cold pint on the patio.