Here at Bridge Brewing we are obsessed with sustainability. We brew with as little impact on the Earth as possible. From the the moment we select ingredients to the end of the brewing process when we have waste product to dispose of and use in other places, we analyze our footprint and make decisions towards a more sustainable future.


zero waste

Here at Bridge, we're big on making delicious beers and food that satisfy both you and our planet. We take a zero waste approach when it comes to beer making - seriously - zero. We make nearly no garbage. 99% of everything that comes into the brewery either goes out in bottles to be consumed, eaten or recycled and used for other things. Have a question about our sustainability initiatives? Pop into the brewery and ask a team member or just take a look at how many recycling bins are outside next time you visit - there's a lot.

Revolutionary new uses for waste

Our Rye Cycle (get it?) beer has been made from unsold bread that was destined for the landfill. Our brewers figured out a way to turn the bread that went unsold into something delicious and unique. The Rye Cycle beer is a limited time brew that pours dark with a pronounced rye spice flavour. A unique beer that you need to experience and one you can feel good about drinking! 

Committed to the environment, and delicious beers

There's so many ways Bridge Brewing is committed to the environment we could go on forever. So, here's a list of just some of the ways we continue to make delicious beers and food while having as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • Our sales people drive Hybrids
  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable
  • Use of lightweight kegs that last longer than others to reduce the number of new kegs we purchase
  • Use of fully recyclable kegs when shipping beer long distances